Ahmed El-Sayed  
e: info@ahmed-elsayed.net
   Java SE
   Java [web components]
  Basic knowledge
   Java EE [EJB]
  Develop EJBs
   Netbeans / Eclipse / RSA
  Develop java applications
   .Net / C#
  Basic knowledge
  Basic Knowledge
   Css / Html
  Design Web Pages
   javascript / Ajax
  Client-Side Programming

  Work Experience

      Since 2004 i was working as [ correspondent ads ] at Al-Ahram newspaper while i was studing in the faculty of commerce, in 2006 i joined Egits for security systems and worked as a salesman, technical support and software trainer.

      In 2008, i got a scholarship in web developement using java technology from MCIT and sponsored by IBM. After the scholarship i got OJT [ on job training ] at jupiter 2000.


  Harf company

      i'm working for Harf as a junior java developer since 2011 to present, harf is the first IT company i work for as a software developer, and i'm really appreciate it, and the whole team that gave me the chance to acheive a step on my dreams way.


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